Taken with Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ100

Asiaplast thermoforming is an integrated factory from the manufacture of sheet raw materials and tray which has provided various forms of packaging for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics, toys (toys blister), baby products, etc.

By using the safest and hygienic raw materials that have passed food certification, we provide high quality products with various types of PET, PVC, PP, HIPS & PE Foam materials that can be tailored to customer needs (custom-made).


  • Biscuit / Cake Tray
  • Fruit Tray
  • Vegetable tray
  • Bento tray
  • Pharmacy Blister
  • Cosmetic Blister
  • Toys Blister
  • Lid for Cup, etc.

With the support of modern automatic thermoforming machines, we can produce high quality products that are able to compete in the global market.

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